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What we do differently: We work backwards.


If you are the CEO of your company, what communication qualities do you want from your staff?



Front-end (customer service, receptionist, service staff, the ‘meeter and greeter’


These guys are essentially your first point of contact in your business. Meaning, typically, if the front-end staff are not up to the mark, they basically tell visitors all they need to know about the company.


That is why leading hotels focus so heavily on staff training. You don’t want to leave anything to unqualified hands.



Sales team:


Salespeople are the drivers of revenue for your company. If you have a weak sales force, you can probably say that you will, at best, be mediocre, while at worst, your company will close down completely.


Have you previously experienced times when you were absolutely ready to buy, but it was the salesperson who made you decide not to?


Most of us would have encountered times when we will shake our head in disgust and wonder why the company ever hired such a person.


You see, sales training alone although is important, but it isn’t the complete picture. Your external communication (not the words) takes up 70-80% of what you are portraying.
Even if you are equipped with the best sales tactics or know-how, you could, on the other hand, be subtly or maybe explicitly communicating a completely different message to the customer.



Team leaders, Managers, Executives


Your word, your communication, means so much to your team. The reason why some companies have built such a strong culture, loyalty, high morale in comparison to an average team could frequently be attributed to the communication skills of the leader.


People will go to the ends of the earth for someone who not only has the rank of boss but is also someone who is able to command, behave and lead as one. The efforts, achievement and drive of the leader when coupled with strong communication skills lead to tremendous output.


However, the opposite can be said if the leader was a high achiever but doesn’t possess the communication skills needed to lead or is someone who is unlikable.



We want to have people who have the following 4 Key Factors:



1. Like you.


As simple as it sounds, look around the office, and you’ll find people that you like and others not so much… And sometimes, these people hold high positions. If you are under such a boss, how do you think you and or the team will fare in the long run?


This is all the more so for salespeople and those in a customer-facing position. The customer/prospect has to like you. Even if they are a ready buyer, should they not like you it’s likely you may lose that customer and more besides.


Getting someone to like you is hugely important on all levels.



2. Trust you.


When you have someone’s trust, you have already won more than half the battle. Even if they don’t buy from you, you’ll know that they will recommend others to you.


People are more likely to buy or productively work with someone they trust than someone who is a high achiever, but not trustable.


Trust is a factor that resonates deeply from the front-end staff and all the way to the top.



3. Draw people to you.


You know how some individuals are like people magnets. They simply draw people to them. People want to hear more from them, hang out with them. They are, however, not mere ‘people-pleasers’.



4. Able to influence.


Let’s just say if in a scenario a people magnet has a different opinion. They are able to lead people to listen to their perspective, and even shift sides and join them on their ground.


These people are able to lead others to their opinions and become the ‘influencer’ everywhere they go.




The above 4 key factors are important to:


People in the front line


Think about it, if the people they speak to like them, trust them and they are able to draw people to them over their competitors and, what’s more, able to influence them, then what do you think of the value they will bring?




When your sales people are now liked by their prospects. They have established a communication method that just makes people like and trust them. When trust is the form, there’s no guard at all. They will be able to influence them, close deals easier and, of course, as salespeople, you want them to be the type that draws people to them. It’s counterproductive to use those characters that don’t make people want to get close to them.



Leaders (team lead, managers, executives)


As a leader, your staff want to be able to like you. That is the key aspect. But if your subconscious communication methods are turning them off, then you can imagine the office politics mess ahead. And apart from them liking you, the leader should be able to engender a strong trust in them. The leader’s team will follow them wholeheartedly and give their all at every project or instruction. Through being likeable and yet trustable, you will have built the strong team/company morale which is so crucial in so many ways. And with your ability to influence and lead, you will be able to ride any wave that comes. Lastly, a good leader naturally draws people to them. People want to work for them and join them on their efforts/projects and movements.



And literally everyone…



About Your Trainer . . .

Receive your coaching from one of the best speaking coaches in the world. Ezekiel Chew is a world-class speaker who speaks at various platforms, expo and stages all over the world. He is frequently asked to speak on topics such as business, leadership, forex, sales & motivation. He is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker in the corporate world.

Ezekiel speaks & trains on stages where the audience ranges from hundreds to thousands but he also specialises in holding corporate training for smaller groups in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Ezekiel is not your typical public speaking coach/trainer that is employed to coach you. Receive direct hands-on personal coaching from a speaker who speaks on world stages. Ezekiel’s coaching sessions are proven to be highly effective and rated to be among the best in the world.



The 10X Speaking Program™ has our proprietary process which includes the know-how, specific steps and actions to achieve the 4 highly overlooked but important key points.



At the end of the day, it’s all about the communication that comes from you. You see, when someone meets you for the first time, they know nothing about you. But, usually, after the first few minutes of speaking to you, they would have formed an impression of you which may or may not be true. The fact is, your communication skills affect you, whether it’s verbally or the subconscious signals that you are sending out.


When you apply for the 10X Speaking Program™ methods, your communication skills will soar through the roof. People will start to like you, trust you, be willing to listen and act on your judgement and you will start becoming a people magnet in the truest sense. This personal improvement will often lead to a tremendous increase in your company’s growth.



This will lead to the end result of:


Greater customer service = customer satisfaction

Increase in sales – When your salespeople have the above 4 key factors, they naturally sell better

Increase in referrals – Clients will naturally talk about you and refer you to others

Increase in repeat customers – Needless to say, when they require what you are selling, they will come back to you.

Greater team morale – As a leader, when they like you and trust you, coupled with your strong positive influence, people start believing and enjoy working with you

Strong workflow and efficiency – The workflow process becomes smoother because of the increased efficiency with better communication and higher morale

Staff retention – Pay is usually only one part of the reasons why people leave; conversely, it’s usually the people and the environment that make people stay. When your people enjoy working in the company, who’s going to want to leave?

And all these factors are going to lead to a stronger company in all aspects.


About The 10X Speaking Program™

This is a meticulously derived program based on analyzing what actually works in the corporate world and our daily lives.

We start off by off analyzing top salespeople, top people in customer service and leading managers and CEOs who have risen through the ranks with a strong following and those that create a strong positive culture in the company.

Aside from their work ethic, we look at their behavior, the way they speak, consciously and subconsciously, their body language, facial expressions, eye contact, pitch intonations, smile, gestures, the resonating spirit in them, the inner attitude they portray, their pace of speaking, their pauses, the manner in which they speak, the way they tell stories, the way they communicate to get a point across and so much more…

All these add up to them being a star in the company; a talent to retain and for them to groom others in turn.

And with that understanding, we set up a step-by-step process on how to emulate and achieve the above goals.

Firstly, we all need to have a moment of self-realization regarding our current communication skills. It’s not simply saying that we are bad. It’s rather about how and where can we improve to get to where they want to be. It’s a transition from seeing where we are, what is needed to be done to become what we want to be. And that is the reason why we keep our coaching session to a max of 10 people every single time. As much as we will like to coach hundreds at a go which is, of course, more productive and time-saving for us, we found the personal-touch process at 10 people a group to be most effective.

Just imagine… What if we could just simply 2x your people communication skills. What would that mean for your company?

What if we can 10x it?

Imagine the ripple effect you will receive from such a coaching session.

People are everything; we can have the best resources and equipment, but if, at the same time, we are able to bring out the max potential of our people, then this engine will ROAR louder than it ever did before.


The 10X Speaking Program™ is our trademark program that has changed and impacted many lives. These are the skillsets that are not only used during working hours but also in their daily lives.

Our coaching rates are reasonably priced as we truly want to make a difference to as many lives as possible. This is the program that has people raving about it, with their spouses and colleagues noticing the significant change in them.

Contact us with some details of your company and who you intend to have this training for.

This will be the best training session you’ve ever done for your valuable people!

Class size is typically cap at 10 pax due to the hands-on nature of our training. Now is the time to act. Click the button below to enquire and for more info…

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