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Business is about communication. Our goal is to help you advance your career by acquiring critical skills.


We can get you there through our UNIQUE training programs. Our classes are special because they are:


1) Based on real-world experience, rather than theory.


2) Focus on practical application.


3) Value-based… you’ll master valuable skills in just 2 days flat.



Ezekiel Chew

Founder and CEO

The Public Speaking Company

Meet Your Leader… Ezekiel Chew

Ezekiel Chew is a serial entrepreneur, business growth hacker, and investor. He’s regarded as a Forex expert in Singapore. He made his first million dollars through Forex trading, while still in his early twenties.

In 2008, he founded a Forex training company — Asia Forex Mentor — that is now one of the largest Forex academies in all of Asia.

Ezekiel is not just a successful entrepreneur; he also brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his prior corporate experience as the individual in charge of the Contiki’s entire Asia group.

Besides being a successful Forex trader and entrepreneur, he is a regular keynote speaker at various Forex and business events around the world. His ability to engage an audience comes from his sincere desire to contribute to the business world. Coupled with his humorous style and engaging persona, standing ovations are common.

Ezekiel is a business mentor at Singapore’s Temasek and Nanyang Polytechnic. He lives in Singapore, with his incredible wife, Evelyn, his daughter Hailey, and his son Kai.

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Our Training Programs Are Convenient . . .


These LIVE training sessions can be held at your venue… or ours. And, in just 2 days, a valuable new skill can be yours.


The workshops run from 9:30 am to 5 pm each day. Materials are provided and a Certificate of Completion is given at the conclusion of the program.


We also provide training workshops to corporations for their employees (and on their premises).


Our program is structured to help you develop and refine the essential speaking skills necessary in the real world of business.



Have Questions About Our Training?


No problem. Please see our Contact Us page. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about…


* The Signature Public Speaking Program


* Storytelling to Influence


* Charisma for Executives


Our 2-day intensive training provides in-depth coverage of each topic. This is the training you need. So, take action now . . . and take your career to the next level.