About us

Public Speaking Singapore

Public Speaking Singapore is the leading Public Speaking School in Singapore. Our uniquely crafted Public Speaking programs are widely recognized and referred to as the standard in the industry. We were also awarded the Singapore’s Excellence Award in 2013 – a concrete indication of the quality of our programs in terms of both structure and delivery.

Our comprehensive programs are meticulously crafted by our panel of professional speakers and business leaders to be well-rounded and effective: encompassing optimal coverage of both practical and theory aspects.

Our curriculum is also thoroughly reviewed by our education experts to make sure that the delivery will be age-appropriate, fun, as well as enriching.

At Public Speaking, we provide our students with multiple opportunities to practise their public speaking skills in front of their peers. This is to ensure public speaking becomes second nature to them, as the children get comfortable with applying these skills to their everyday life.

So come on board and join us in honing your public speaking skills. Give your child the necessary foundation for their other skills to flourish, and to gain that edge over their peers!