7 Ways to Instantly Boost your Charisma and bring out the ‘X’ factor in you

Take Advantage Of Our Charisma for Executives Program . . . And Almost Instantly Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Communication

Learning the “skill” of charisma is similar to adding a turbo charger to your car — except charisma boosts the power of your persuasion & influence . . .


Charisma is a skill. It can be turned on. You’re NOT born with it — that’s a myth. Instead, you simply have to learn it . . . like any other skill or ability.

However, when you DO acquire this skill, any room you step into… will light up. Suddenly, the limelight will seem to follow you… anywhere you go. For leaders and CEOs, it’s an essential skill.

Without it, your potential will be automatically limited.

But leaders WITH this skill tend to quickly rise up in the ranks… grow a team… and succeed.

That may not seem fair.

But that’s just the way the business world works. The truth is, it’s not about who has the best academics, or who works the hardest.

Rather, you have to learn to “play the game.”

That’s why learning to use charisma as a tool of success — in various business scenarios — is essential for executives, managers, business owners, CEOs… or ANYONE engaged in the world of business.

As with all of our training programs…

Charisma for Executives isn’t about theory; it’s about practical application.

The goal is to help make you appealing, alluring, hypnotic, larger than life, magnetic, mesmerizing, and more poised. In short… to make you stand out from the crowd.

You may wonder . . .


What Is This Elusive Characteristic Known As Charisma?

There are 3 key traits to the creation of Charisma . . .

These include Presence, Authority, and Sincerity. (In combination, they are sometimes known as Vibe Projection.) You’ll learn about them — in-depth — during the program.

The study of the Art of Charisma can be scientifically broken down. With understanding, focused effort, and practise . . . it can be honed to be part of you.


Here’s Why Charisma for Executives Is Better . . .


A lot of training charisma programs cover ONLY the basics (which we cover in-depth, as well).

However, our program moves on to an advanced level of usage of Charisma for Executives. That is, our training has a high application value where every step is intended to be used in real life.

In academia, theory is often the focus. But, in our training, we’re much more concerned with generating RESULTS.

In business scenarios, getting people to follow and listen is critical to YOUR success.

 In just TWO DAYS, we can teach you everything you need to know about using Charisma for Executives.


You’ll Discover A Variety Of Useful Techniques . . .

These include . . .

 * A deconstruction of what charisma is… and how it functions.

* The 3 key charisma traits: Presence, Authority (personal power), and Sincerity (warmth).

* How to translate charisma usage into the business world.

* A breakdown of the 6 advanced charisma traits (in other words, the secret sauce).

* Plus . . . an exploration into understanding the traits of charisma (what the general public has generally come to understand as a charismatic person).


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is this training for?

Charisma for Executives is for leaders, managers, executives, supervisors, consultants, entrepreneurs, customer service representatives… and anyone else who wants to increase their personal magnetism and become more charismatic.

This skill is valuable for meetings, side chats, and presentations. In fact, it’s helpful in virtually ANY scenario. Charisma can increase the effectiveness of ALL your communications… which will give you an advantage in large for small settings.

Question: I’m not naturally charismatic. Is this too advanced for me?

No. Even if you don’t feel that you are “naturally” charismatic, we’ll teach you to use the power of charisma to sell more, influence more effectively, and advance your career.

Question: There are other companies offering charisma (or personal magnetism) training, why should I choose yours?

In a nutshell, the difference is that our training is based on practical, real-world application and results in the field — NOT just theory. Many courses are just fluff and filler. But our focus is on using charisma to actually improve your influence.

Question: Is it possible to improve my level of charisma in just 2 days?

Yes. Our program is structured to help you QUICKLY improve your charisma in the real world of business. Our 2-day intensive training provides in-depth coverage of the topic.

Question: How will these skills help me in real life? Does this program also apply to sales managers, HR executives, marketing managers, etc.?

It provides valuable training for ALL business people who want to acquire the necessary skills to produce better results… and advance their career.

Question: Where does this training take place? Is it held online or offline?

This is a LIVE (offline) training workshop. It can be booked and conducted at EITHER your premises or ours.

Question: How often are classes held?

The program is run periodically. Please click the enrollment button below to check for upcoming workshop dates.

Question: What does this training program consist of?

It’s an in-depth, 2-day workshop that runs from 9:30 am to 5 pm each day. Materials are provided and a Certificate of Completion is given at the conclusion of the program.


About Your Trainer . . .

Ezekiel Chew is a business growth hacker and investor. He has been a mentor and business consultant to corporations, startups, and entrepreneurs.

In addition, Ezekiel is also a highly successful entrepreneur who has founded, partnered, and invested in a variety of businesses. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his prior corporate experience as the individual in charge of Contiki’s entire Asia group.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Ezekiel is a regular keynote speaker at business events around the world. His ability to engage an audience stems from his genuine desire to make a difference in the business community.




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It’s decision time. You can keep doing the same things in the same way… or you can build new skills that will pay off for you over and over again.


Charisma for Executives is $980 sgd. It delivers enormous value and essential skills designed to help move your career to the next level.


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