Tips and Tricks to make you a Strong Storyteller that everyone’s been Yearning for

Learn To Utilize Storytelling . . . One Of The Most Effective Tools Of Influence


To sell, persuade, or motivate an audience you first need to ENGAGE them. Storytelling the best way to accomplish this. It’s the secret weapon of the world’s best speakers. Now is your chance to master this skill, as well.


Storytelling is a powerful business tool. It’s strength lies in helping convey complex information and ingrain fact into your intended audience.


What Makes Storytelling So Effective?


Storytelling to Influence is a program designed to help you influence your audience.

In short, stories help people absorb topics in a fast and easy-to-understand manner.

The trick is, storytelling helps side-step LOGIC. It connects via emotion — which is how the human thought process tends to work (despite the best of intentions).

Once influenced via emotion, logic can then be used to JUSTIFY your target audience’s decision. And this is why an understanding of storytelling (and how it relates to influence and motivation) are extremely important in the business world.


What Are The Benefits Of Storytelling Mastery?

Storytelling fosters TRUST. With this new skill, you’ll notice that you are starting to get noticed more… your message will come across even stronger than before… and people are looking at you in a different light.

As a result, you will often be “the chosen one” to deliver messages, pitches, and presentations. Your sales are likely to increase and clients will tend to begin referring people to you… because they TRUST you.

With the skill of storytelling under your belt, you’ll become a more influential person.

Again, to influence we need to build trust. Trust is the key factor. If there’s no trust, there are no sales. However, when someone trusts you, the impact of that trust magnifies, because that level of trust tends to accumulate.

As a result, it’s hard not to standout when you’re able to influence others with stories. In fact, things will tend to naturally fall your way.

You’ll begin to earn your team’s respect and the recognition of bosses… because they’ll be impressed at your ability to communicate effortlessly.

With the way storytelling can influence others, it’s one of the world’s marvels.


Here’s Why Storytelling to Influence Is Better Than Other Programs . . .

There are many training programs available for learning storytelling.

Some focus on how to construct a story. Others teach it for speech & drama classes, for narrators, or entertainment purposes.

But our training is focused on the use of storytelling in the business world. That is, to sell and influence. Whether you’re a company owner or salesperson who wants to increase your profits through storytelling (with a hook) — our training is what you need.

Managers, executives, and CEOs who wants to increase their influence will ALL find our course to be invaluable… because using stories helps close deals, boost morale, and inspire others.

Best of all — with our expertly crafted program — we can teach you everything you need to know about using Storytelling to Influence.


More Specifically, Here’s Some Of What You’ll Learn . . .


* The purpose of using different stories in different settings (especially in corporate environments).


* The optimal length of stories for maximum effectiveness.


* How to transition in and out of stories.


* How to find story ideas (so you never run out).


* How to use stories to influence, make a point, standout, persuade, and connect.


* How to construct a story for maximum effect.


* Using stories to influence a decision in a team meeting.


* Using stories during presentations (instead of merely presenting facts and logic).


* Using stories to get your message across… with ease.



You’ll Also Learn A Variety Of Ways To Apply Storytelling Techniques . . .

These include…

* For sales (creating the hook).

* For presentations (to create impact and convey the message, instead of just pure logic and facts)

* For training (to let students understand the concepts taught and ingrain them into their memory).

* For speeches (people remember stories, not facts).

* For daily usage (to inspire and get things done).

* For team meetings (get people see things your way… on their own).

* For disseminating information (stories are extremely effective at this).


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who is this training for?

Storytelling to Influence is for leaders, CEOs, executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and salespeople looking to climb the corporate ladder. Or, for that matter, ANYONE who wants to harness the power of stories to build trust and get their point across effectively.

This skill is useful for meetings and presentations — of all sizes. It’s helpful for virtually ANY scenario where a well-time story can help “seal the deal.” Superior communication skills give you an advantage in large or small settings.

Question: I’m not good at telling stories, is this too advanced for me?

No. Even if you have no previous storytelling experience, we can teach you to use the power of storytelling to sell more, influence more effectively, and advance your career.

Question: There are many companies offering storytelling, why should i choose yours? How is yours different?

In a nutshell, the difference is that our training is based on practical, real-world application, and results in the field — NOT theory. Many courses are basically just fluff and filler. However, our focus is on storytelling skills that produce RESULTS.

Question: Is it possible to improve my storytelling skills with your training?

Our program is structured to help you see results QUICKLY. Our expertly crafted program provides in-depth coverage of all storytelling topics and with set exercises for you to practise in your daily communications going forward.

Question: How will these skills help me in real life? Does this program apply to sales managers, HR executives, marketing managers, etc.?

Yes. It provides valuable training for ALL business people who want to acquire the necessary skills to produce better results… and advance their career.

Question: Where does this training take place? Is it held online or offline?

This is a LIVE training workshop. It can be booked and conducted at EITHER your premises or ours.

Question: Do you hold public classes?

We primarily specialise in holding training for corporate bookings. However, we do provide training to clients who form their own small group.

Question: What does this training program consist of?

It’s an in-depth, expertly crafted & delivered program that runs from 9:30 am to 5 pm. Materials are provided and a Certificate of Completion is given at the conclusion of the program.


About Your Trainer . . .

Receive your coaching from one of the best speaking coaches in the world. Ezekiel Chew is a world-class speaker who speaks at various platforms, expo and stages all over the world. He is frequently asked to speak on topics such as business, leadership, forex, sales & motivation. He is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker in the corporate world.

Ezekiel speaks & trains on stages where the audience ranges from hundreds to thousands but he also specialises in holding corporate training for smaller groups in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Ezekiel is not your typical public speaking coach/trainer that is employed to coach you. Receive direct hands-on personal coaching from a speaker who speaks on world stages. Ezekiel’s coaching sessions are proven to be highly effective and rated to be among the best in the world.




Enroll In Storytelling to Influence . . .

It’s decision time. You can keep doing the same things the same way… or you can build new skills that will pay off for you over and over again.

Storytelling to Influence delivers enormous value and essential skills that will help move your career to the next level.

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